Data Sheets & Technical Resources

Product Data Sheets, User Guides, & Technical Resources

BOB-4 Quick-Start Guide (PDF):   Gets you up and running quickly. Also see our SIS developer board.

BOB-4 Application Guide & Specifications (PDF):   This is the primary source for BOB-4 technical information!

BOB-4 Power Supply Application Note (PDF): How to satisfy BOB-4's power supply requirements, in detail.

XBOB-4 Application Guide & Specifications (pdf):   The latest version is always available here. (Adobe Acrobat Readerâ„¢ is required.)

XBOB-4 Application Guide Addendum (pdf):   Additional XBOB-4 information.

XBOB-4 Quick-Start Guide (pdf): Gets you communicating with XBOB-4 in a hurry!

XBOB-4 Quick-Start Guide & POS Tutorial (pdf): Extended version of above doc, including discussion of issues often encountered when using XBOB-4 with Point-of-Sale terminals, electronic cash registers, and other pre-existing data source equipment.

Code Samples and Demo Scripts

C Code Example (TXT):   Includes a couple of hints on writing C programs to control BOB-4.

Solar Car Example (TXT): Fragments of the PIC18F C program from the University of Michigan's 2007 Solar Car project.

PBASIC Fonts Example (TXT): For Parallax BASIC Stamp II (BS2). Thanks to John Smith at Milford Instruments (UK dealer).

PBASIC Graphics Example (TXT): Also for Parallax BS2. Thanks again to John Smith at Milford Instruments!

ASCII Demo File (TXT):   This file was used to create the demo display linked near the top of this page. Transmit to BOB-4 with a terminal program, or store it in a boot script. Your browser might have trouble displaying this file due to embedded control codes.

Smart Encoder Interface (PDF): SEI implements a quadrature distance encoder to video interface for BOB-4 in an Atmel AVR series microcontroller.