About Us

Decade Engineering is a leader in OSD (On-Screen Display) technology, providing reliable, value-oriented products for a wide variety of industrial and personal applications. OSDs often serve as graphics and character overlay generators for data display in remote video inspection systems, security systems, and remotely piloted vehicles (UAV, ROV, RPV) or robots.

Common uses for our BOB-4 and XBOB-4 (BOB=Basic Overlay Board) products are for video overlay on live and recorded video used in devices such as pipeline inspection robots, deep sea submersibles, video surveillance, cash register monitors, and other unique applications. Decade’s history of consistent reliability and performance has ensured its place as an established leader within the single-use, custom video overlay project market, and the company’s current product roadmap demonstrates a commitment to maintain this market leadership for the foreseeable future.

Decade Engineering's Customers

Decade’s major OEM customers include CUES, Inc., and RJ Electronics. CUES is the world’s largest and oldest manufacturer of pipeline TV inspection and rehabilitation equipment. R.J. Electronics provides closed-circuit high resolution color video systems for detailed underwater inspection in nuclear power plants. Other large OEM customers include Aries Industries, Inc., a provider of robotic visual infrastructure inspection platforms for water, gas, oil, and mining industries.


A CUES pipeline inspection robot on the left; on the right, an RJ Electronics closed-circuit high resolution color video camera used for monitoring nuclear reactors .

Typical end-user customers include Ellis Ophthalmic Technologies, Inc. and Physical Sciences, Inc. (PSI). Ellis Ophthalmic Technologies, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of world class high quality Intraocular Lenses used in medical applications such as ultrasound.

PSI provides technology solutions to government and commercial customers. PSI provides sensors and instrumentation across a range of markets, such as aerospace, medical and defense.  

Stanley Convergent Security Solutions, Inc. is the second largest electronic security company based on total revenue and one of the largest system integrators in the United States. They design, install, monitor and service security systems for industrial, academic, government, commercial, residential and national account customers.

Saab Seaeye is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric underwater robotic ROV systems. Founded in 1986, Seaeye is a wholly owned subsidiary of Saab. Their products are used commercially and by military and scientific customers seeking increased capability in deep water.


A Stanley video surveillance array on the left; a SAAB “Tiger” undersea inspection/observation ROV.

Academic and government/defense customers include Lockheed-Martin, University of California Monterey Marine Laboratory, University of Washington, the City of Wichita Falls, the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Decade’s customers utilize it's products in a variety of interesting ways, beyond just sensor and ROV control. For instance, the Monterey Bay Aquarium uses a BOB-4 to overlay text on several of its marine displays. The simplicity, low cost, and ease of use that are mainstays of the BOB-4 platform lend themselves to many non-technical commercial applications.