An assortment of links, mostly related to video, various applications of Genlock Character Overlay Generators and On Screen Display (OSD) technology, and related information to assist and entertain our customers:

Video Links

Professional associations with ties to video:

IEEE The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

Equipment Sources:

SUBVIEW / Tarka Systems offers innovative four-channel portable underwater video systems.

Marshall Electronics, Polaris and Supercircuits are sources for video camera modules, lenses, and related items.

B&H Photo/Video is a large video equipment dealer in New York.

Markertek offers a massive listing of audio/video gear, including many accessories and esoteric items. is a low-cost source for A/V & Ethernet cables, connectors and related hardware.

Versalent manufactures KBOB, a low-cost PC keyboard adapter that converts Decade Engineering's XBOB-4 into a "TV-Typewriter."

Answers to common (and not-so-common) video questions:

Video info and much, much more:

Columbia University's Audio & Video Terminology

Video Production Glossary of Terms by Nemorin Film & Video, a major video production company in the UK.

Technology Links

For users of Decade Engineering's industrial video distance display products, here are a few sources for incremental quadrature encoders and accessories:

World Encoders

Automation Direct

Encoder Products Company

BEI Sensors


US Digital


Quantum Devices


BagoTronix offers the DOS Stamp and other alternative single-board computers (PC-104 and proprietary) as well as custom design services.

Al Williams offers a useful assortment of coprocessor modules for embedded controller projects.

NCD offers smart LCDs and an interesting assortment of low-cost function modules capable of networking on standard RS-232 serial ports, including a few video-related items.

Scott Edwards Electronics offers serial-controlled LCD modules and a range of Stamp/PIC related literature.

Robotics Robotics news, tutorials, forums, books, and hot links.

The Guru's Lair: A truly eclectic resource from the inimitable Don Lancaster.

DonTronics offers Simmstick, PICmicro and Atmel hardware and software products. Don offers an Atmel AVR-based Simmstick that's compatible with the free demo version of MCS Electronics' new BASCOM-AVR BASIC compiler. This combination promises a powerful and cheap solution for many small microcontroller applications. Want an AVR Forth instead? Try IRTC2313 from RAM Technology Systems.

Fun Stuff

If you've got any interest in astronomy at all, or know a kid who does, then don't miss out on the Galileoscope!

Like extreme condiments? Check out Mo Hotta, Mo Betta, where "mild" is a four-letter word. And you'll love the Mount Horeb Mustard Museum.

What's in stuff like Cheez Whiz, Silly Putty, and lipstick? Visit What's That Stuff to find out!

Amazing art: Burning Man and Survival Research Labs

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